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Partner RP 630 Printer

Partner RP 630

High Performance Thermal Printer

RP-630 is the most solid and powerful thermal receipt printer for retail and hospitality environment. Its high-speed and Triple-Interface connectivity are suitable for any diversified environment and system integration.

Maximum protection against dust and liquid splashes can be applied through its Optional Water Spill-Proof Cover and Power Adaptor Cover, which are critical in extreme environment such as restaurants, bars, kitchens….etc. RP-630 is also certified by Energy Star, which is a perfect solution for both power efficiency as well as environmental-friendly.

  • Support 58/80mm paper width (2 and 3 inch)
  • Resolution 203dpi x 180 dpi
  • 250mm/sec high speed printing
  • Triple Interfaces: USB+Serial+Ethernet
  • Energy Star certified
  • JAVAPOS/OPOS/Linux support
  • Optional Water Spill-Proof Cover
  • Optional Power Adaptor Cover
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