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Voucher Printing Systems Ph: 07 3161 2823

Voucher Printing Systems sell standard Point of Sale equipment’s such as Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Thermal Paper rolls, Scanners. You can inform your needs and we can provide POS equipments to suit your requirements.

Receipt Printer

Current Receipt Printer Model is Partner RP 100 & Partner RP 630. It comes with triple interface (Serial + USB + Ethernet). It uses 80*80 Thermal paper rolls.

Cash Drawer

We sell standard cashdrawer which can be connected to your Receipt Printer

Thermal Paper Rolls

We sell 80*80*12mm Thermal paper rolls to suit your Receipt printer. We can also sell 2 Ply rolls, EFTPOS rolls, coloured Thermal rolls as as well

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you.

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Voucher Printing Systems
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